In 2023 we partnered with (UTPB) the University of Texas at the Permian Basin’s College of Business to put the effectiveness of the VWG program to the test. Here’s what we found…


The VWG method is a highly effective teaching tool primarily because it is based on what we already know about brain function:
1)Students MUST PAY ATTENTION to any given information before they can learn it. We know that students pay attention and CONTINUE TO ENGAGE when novel, colorful, musical, moving media is presented. VWG results in MAXIMIZE STUDENT ENGAGEMENT.

2) People encode information most easily when it is in an image format and when it is meaningful. VWG TRANSFORMS a country’s political boundaries and neighboring counties INTO MEANINGFUL SHAPES and LINKS them with objects and phrases students already have in their long-term memory.

The VWG program requires MINIMAL TEACHER PREPARATION. It consists of online streaming video-based instruction, where videos only take 2-5 minutes to view. Students use their acquired mental categories, and global framework as the MEANINGFUL CONTEXT when learning other subjects. Also, students gain new insight and perspectives for understanding WORLD ISSUES.