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You can view VWG video lessons from your laptop, tablet, or phone. It has all the features of the VWG Curriculum Kit, but the format is now online video streaming. —Have you noticed that  new computer do not even have DVD player!? More importantly, the online streaming format allows for continued updating of information. 

Click on ONLINE KIT Thumbnail Image, after you finish reading description, to learn more about what Online Kit includes.

The VWG Curriculum covers all of Africa, Asia, Europe, The Americas, and Australia in just 80 simple lessons.

This program HAS MANY LAYERS to it. You can give your students their very own mental framework of the world by simply having them watch our imaginative 3 minute mnemonic video sets.

On top of that, you can give them more in depth geographic information by having them watch our mini-documentary type Physical Geo video sets.  And on top of that, your students can practice drawing the world by downloading our grid drawing sheets. 

How can we reach out to the nations, if we don’t know where to find them?

The VWG method gives you and your students the confidence to talk about the world, and world issues because you KNOW where to find every country.

Within 24 hrs. you will receive your single-family licensed login and password information to access your VWG Online account.  All international orders use the online format.

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Great option for those who like to go mobile with their VWG video lessons.


*VWG’s Newest Instructional Mnemonics with CAPITALS Video Set!

*Direct Mnemonics Video Set. Videos that animate the VWG pictographies using brightly colored illustrations to present our highly creative mnemonics as the best tool for remembering the name and location of world countries.  Great Direct Approach for teaching VWG MNEMONICS.

*Skit Mnemonics Video Set. Videos of high school/college age actors presenting VWG mnemonics within situational comedy skits (enjoyed by students old enough to follow plot lines). These funny skits reinforce learning, and deliver the same VWG mnemonics from a  completely different angle…  very cool for parents who may want to acquire their own framework of country locations for fine-tuning their global perspective.

*Mini-documentary video Set. Videos describing interesting geographic facts unique to EACH  country, e.g., mountains, rivers, lakes, languages, etc. while viewing actual pictures of country plus maps, satellite views, and more. 

*TEACHER EDITION Worksheets Pages. Provides answers for CONTINENT QUIZES, and all questions about physical geography facts covered in Videos. Super easy lesson plans make this a most effecient as well as effective way to teach.

*STUDENT Worksheet Pages. Assessment tool for students to label blank maps, and answer questions, ATLAS EXERCISES too.

*Set of 7 VWG Maps containing exact Longitudinal and Latitudinal Coordinate infomation.


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