VWG Curriculum Americas UNIT Studies


20 Lessons covering the countries of The Americas plus Oceania  See top, right-hand side of homepage for sample lessons.


These are the same VWG Curriculum Lessons found within the DVD Curriculum Kit; this package is simply given as an option for those who like to purchase their Continent Studies separately.

Student(s) complete the course typically within 4-6 weeks.


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Americas UNIT Studies with Capitals Mnemonics


20 LESSONS covering the countries of North, South and Central Americas, plus Oceania, and their capital cities.

*VWG’s creative, and highly EFFECTIVE Mnemonics include our award-winning PICTOGRAPHIES (engaging VISUALS illustrating countries as recognizable objects). 

*The America’s section of Activity Book also includes Oceania–VWG Pictography Maps containing exact Longitudinal and Latitudinal Coordinate information.

*Assessment tools, e.g., student Continent Quizes, Fill-in-the-blank questions, Atlas Exercises

*Teacher Answer Section


+++Sample Questions from The America’s Lesson 1 Fill-in-the-Blank Question: 1.Chile is wedged between the __________Ocean, the __________Ocean, and the ___________Mountain chain. 2. Chile is about _____miles long, but averages only about _____miles across. the _____________ can be found in the very north of Chile. 3.Within the _____________are the world’s largest ________mines. 4. Name the Western Hemisphere’s tallest mountain. _______________ 5. Which plain is found east of the Andes? ___________ etc. (There are 20 questions per lesson).

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