VWG Curriculum Kit Single-Family License


*4 DVDs that animate the VWG pictographies using brightly colored illustrations, and EFFECTIVE mnemonics that link the country’s object to its name. DVDs also include CAPITAL CITY MNEMONICS. You can identify and remember 1-3 countries and their capitals in minutes!

*4 DVDs of mini-documentaries describe interesting geographic facts unique to EACH  country, e.g., mountains, rivers, lakes, languages, culture, etc. while viewing actual pictures of the country, plus maps, satellite views, and more. 

*ACTIVITY WORKBOOK to Accompany DVD videos. Includes outlines of pictographies/ countries, with assessment tools:  quizzes of continent maps, fill-in-the-blank questions, ATLAS EXERCISES, and Continent maps with Great Circles and exact longitudinal/latitudinal coordinate information with grid lines for drawing practice. Includes answers to quizzes, and all questions about physical geography covered in DVDs. Easy lesson plans make this a most EFFICIENT and EFFECTIVE way to learn world geography. IT WORKS!

VWG Activity Book accompanies the VWG video sets whether you purchase the DVDs or the ONLINE version. If you are using the ONLINE version, all materials in the book are found as PDFs within your online account. For some, having the convenience of having all PDF files already printed out and spiral bound is one reason to purchase this item. Another reason to purchase an additional activity book is if you have multiple students who each prefer to have their own book. This Activity Book is only an accompanying tool to be used with the VWG VIDEO SETS, and is therefore not a stand alone item. It does not teach the pictographies, mnemonics, physical geography facts found only within the Video sets.

Click Here to See Sample Pages [PDF]

Great option for those who like to go mobile with their VWG video lessons.


*VWG’s Newest Instructional Mnemonics with CAPITALS Video Set.

*Direct Mnemonics Video Set. Videos that animate the VWG pictographies using brightly colored illustrations to present our highly creative mnemonics as the best tool for remembering the name and location of world countries.  Great Direct Approach for teaching VWG MNEMONICS.

*Sketch Mnemonics Video Set. Videos presenting VWG mnemonics within situational offbeat stories. These humorous sketches reinforce learning, and deliver the same VWG mnemonics from a  completely different angle…

*Mini-documentary video Set. Videos describing interesting geographic facts unique to EACH  country, e.g., culture, economic, historic info as well as –mountains, rivers, lakes, while viewing actual pictures of country plus maps, satellite views, and more. 

*Worksheet Answer Pages. Provides answers for CONTINENT QUIZZES, and all questions about physical geography facts covered in Videos. Easy lesson plans make this the most efficient and effective way to learn this topic.

*Worksheet Pages. Assessment tool includes blank maps, and answer questions, ATLAS EXERCISES too.

*7 VWG Maps containing exact Longitudinal and Latitudinal Coordinate information.

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